How To Stop Someone From Seeing Your Text Messages On iPhone And Android

With step by step guide, I will teach you how to stop someone from seeing your text messages on iPhone and android. If you have been suspecting that someone is remotely reading your text messages, just relax and carefully read this blog post till the end. I will personally help you put an end to it.

The primary method of stopping someone from seeing your text messages, is by hiding your text messages with a calculator app. This app will help you hide your text messages from unauthorized access. As you will be required to use a password to lock the app where your text messages will be hidden.

However, we have listed out the best and widely used calculator apps that hide text messages. So that you can stop anyone from reading your text messages when they access your cell phone.

Normally, whenever you give someone your phone to check something or play games. The next move they make when you aren’t looking at them is checking your text messages, social media chat, email messages etc.

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This is common when you give your partner your phone, more especially if he or she doesn’t trust you. Anyways, putting an end to it’ is something that you can achieve within 3 minutes. The calculator app alone can help you stop someone from reading your text messages when you give them your phone.

Remember i said the primary method. that means’ this app won’t stop hackers from invading in your phone with spyware and read your text messages. But don’t worry, I will show you advanced methods to stop someone from seeing your text messages.

Can I Stop Someone From Intercepting Text Messages?


Yes, it’s 100% possibly. I will show you how to easily stop anyone from reading your text messages.

There’s every possiblity that you ignorantly allow hacker to inject spyware in your phone, and get access to your phone data. Thereby, any time you receive text messages” the person will also see and read the message.

Well, if you’re currently facing this challenge right now” I want you to relax. Because, we have a permanent solution to it. Just as I said earlier, I will help you put an end to it’ and also teach you how to secure your cell phone from hackers.

How To Stop Someone From Seeing Your Text Messages On iPhone And Android


If someone Installed a software to track your text messages from his or her phone, then’ this method will help you block the person from seeing your text messages.

A lot of people do this to their husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or even parents use it to monitor their kids activiaties over the phone. However, no one has the right to read your text messages without your consent. It’s very bad and privacy policy violation.

And the most annoying thing, is that’ you will never know that’ someone is remotely tracking your text messages. But, since it’s not impossible to block or stop them from spying on your text messages, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Now, let’s quickly proceed;

How To Stop Someone From Reading Your Text Messages


Please carefully read this section very well and adhere to out guildlines as stated here;

Turn Off Message Forwarding


Do you know that someone can easily inject a spyware or secret code in your phone and start receiving your text messages? Yes, you heard me” it’s 100% possible. So, you have to check your text messages and call status from time to time. To check if your text messages are being forwarded and turn it off, follow this guilde:

  • Pick up your cell Phone And Turn It On.
  • Dial *#21# And Send.
  • Check the phone Screen to see the status.

How To Stop Someone From Seeing Your Text Messages On iPhone And Android

Install Anti Spy Mobile Free


This app is super cool and will help you eradicate any form of unauthorized access to your cell phone. The app have a very good interface with good reviews. However, you can use it on both iPhone and Android.

Do you know the amazing thing here? It’s absolutely for free and you won’t pay a dime to start using it to protect your phone from being remotely controlled by someone. You get download the app directly from Google play store…HERE



I will be dropping my pen here, and I believe you have see how to stop someone from seeing your text messages on iPhone and android. If you have further questions concerning this topic, please feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

Prevention remains the better option, try as much as you can to protect your cell phone from being monitored remotely, by following the above guilde.

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