Can You Charge iPhone 12 With An Old Charger? Find Out

Over the years, Apple has proven to be a trusted brand in the information and technology world with its production of beautiful and quality brands of mobile phones, AirPod, iPad, iPod, laptops, etc. One thing is sure with Apple products and that is, the unbeatable quality it provides. One significant feature that has made it stand out in the mobile phone market is the high quality of the iPhone camera

There are several brands of iPhones being released into the market hence you have iPhone 6, 7, Xs, And so on. In this article, we are going to be discussing iPhone 12. As many users and interested users are asking “can you charge iPhone 12 with an old charger?” 

This question above became necessary after the iPhone 12 was launched into the mobile market. And interestingly, it does come with a charger. While some people are of the view that you can use an old charger with it. Others have no clue about how to charge the phone. 

If you are in this category of people who are asking “can you change the iPhone 12 with an old charger”, then read this article carefully as it has the answer to your question. So let’s get started. 

What Comes In The iPhone 12 Box?


When you hear or read that iPhone 12 does not come with a charger, I know like me, you will be inquisitive about what is in the box. I have seen several people asking what comes in the iPhone 12 box. Here is the answer. 

The iPhone 12 box comes with just the phone and a USB-C Lightning Cable. I know you are familiar with the latter as previous models of iPhones also have it. Unlike others, however, the iPhone 12 box does not come with earphones or cases. You will need to purchase them at an extra cost. 

So now that we know that there is no charger, it is, therefore, safe to ask ” can you charge iPhone 12 with an old charger?” See the answer below. 

Can You Charge iPhone 12 With An Old Charger?


Yes, you can charge iPhone 12 with an old charger. If you have just bought an iPhone 12 and you are wondering how you are going to charge it since it does not come with a power adapter in its box. I want to assure you that you can charge your iPhone 12 with an old charger. There are several old models of iPhone 12 whose chargers are compatible with the iPhone 12. 

Although it is advised that you get a power adapter or a wireless charger for it, you can also use an old charger for your iPhone 12. In the next paragraph, I will show how to use the iPhone 12 with an old charger. So continue reading to be enlightened. 

How Can You Charge iPhone 12 With An Old Charger?


We have established above that since the iPhone 12 does not come with an adapter or a charger in the box, it is safe to use an old charger as the first option before going to a retail shop to get the power adapter. So this is how to use an old charger for your iPhone 12. 

To charge your iPhone 12 with an old charger, connect the USB-C Lightning cable that came with the iPhone to the old USB adapter. If you also have an older wireless charger, you can also use it the same way as it is compatible with iPhone 22 series. 

Using the USB-C to Lightning cable with a USB- charger will result in fast charging to the extent that your phone can get up to 50% in 30 minutes. The iPhone 12 uses a maximum of 22 wattages. Hence any old charger with 20 or 30 watts. 

Also, you can still use a USB-A to Lightning to charge iPhone 12. However, this must be done with an old-styled USB-A port. The implication of using this is that it would charge slowly. This is because it will charge at a speed of 5 watts. 

What Happens If You Charge iPhone 12 With An Old Charger? 


If you charge your iPhone 12 with an old charger, it will do the work perfectly depending on how many watts the old charger can take. A USB-C charger that has up to 20 or 30 watts will charge vastly while those with lower watts, especially USB-A, will charge slowly. 

What Is The Best Way To Charge An iPhone 12? 


From the article so far, we have inferred and also answered your question “can you charge an iPhone 12 with an old charger?” We told you that it is possible to do that, especially with chargers from older brands of iPhones that have been with you. Moving on, let us see the best way to charge your iPhone 12. 

The best way to charge your iPhone 12 is by using the USB-C to Lightning Cable that was included in the box when you bought it. You can also get any HSBC Lightning cable from retailers online and In-store. The USB-C Lightning cable is best used with a USB-C charger as suggested by Apple. It is even preferable to use a 20W USB-C charger along with the cable. 

Using these two to charge your iPhone 12 is the best way to charge the phone for the best result. Many good third-party chargers have 20W USB that can be bought in stores. One of them is the 2 port charger from Anker amongst others. 

Is It Safe To Charge iPhone 12 With An Old Charger OverNight?


The answer to this question is tricky hence you have to pay attention as I explain this. It is not wrong to charge your iPhone 12 overnight. However, the iPhone 12 can easily lose its battery life when you continuously charge it overnight. Here is what I mean by that. 

Like other brands of smartphones, the iPhone 12 has an average of 500 to 1000 charges for its battery. A charge cycle is synonymous with the battery going from 100% to 0%. However, the combination of multiple drainages on the battery over time is also seen as a charge. 

So to save your battery life, you can charge it overnight, but do not allow it to get to 0% before charging. And also, unplug it from charging immediately it gets to 100%. 

Is Fast Charging Bad For An iPhone? 


Fast charging in itself is not bad and would not reduce the life of your battery. However, if you are charging it too often, then you are reducing the battery capacity. 

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Let’s wrap up the discussion by reassuring you that you can charge iPhone 22 with an old charger. Information on the type of charger to use and how to do it as well as the best way to charge your iPhone 12 are all explained in the article above.