200+ Best Apple iPad Engraving Ideas 2022

Do you want to purchase an iPad for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, friend, or family but do not know what to engrave on it? Check out our list of Apple  iPad Engraving ideas written in different categories and for different occasions in this article.

Not just the iPad engraving ideas, you would also see the pros and cons of iPad engraving, the rules to follow, and a host of other questions answered in the article. The post is richly packed so continue reading to unravel its content. 

Apple keeps ditching out beautiful packages and offers to users their products yearly. The idea of engraving devices is one lovely and innovative offer that many have considered irresistible. Now you can engrave not just your Airpod or Apple watch but your iPad as well. 

For those who do not know, iPad engraving is the process of imprinted letters, text, symbols, or emojis on your iPad. This makes it suitable for gifting as well as personal for personal use. 

Whether for personal or gifting purposes, coming up with an iPad engraving idea is tasking thus we are helping you by providing over 100 iPad engraving ideas for you. I know that’s exciting and relieving. So read with me as we get started. 

Why Should I Engrave My iPad?


Let’s begin the article on iPad engraving ideas by seeing some reasons why you should engrave an iPad. In other words the pros of iPad engraving. I will highlight a few of them below.

  • Engraving beautifies your iPad. 
  • It makes the iPad more personal.
  • For easy identification
  • Engraving reduces the chances of it getting stolen. 
  • Makes it more gift-worthy. 

What Are Some Of The Cons Of Ipad Engraving? 


According to the popular saying “whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage”. So as we move in with iPad engraving ideas, let us see a few of the cons of engraving an iPad. 

  • Engrave reduces its resale value
  • You may not be able to use an iPad cover after engraving since the cover will obstruct the text from being seen. 
  • An engraved iPad is prone to slow delivery after purchase. 

Rules For iPad Engraving


When you want to go about engraving your iPad at purchase, consider the following. Apple lets you engrave not just a text but also your name, initials, emoji, and symbols such as aliens, robots, unicorns, Zodiac animals, etc. 

You can engrave up to 34 characters on your iPad. So you are at will to put up a great iPad engraving idea. 

Where Can I Engrave My iPad?


While we gradually move towards the iPad engraving ideas, let us acquaint ourselves with where the iPad engraving is done. You can engrave your iPad at the Apple online shop at purchase.

When you place an order for an iPad, you will see an option to drop your engraving idea before checking out of the site. The text you typed is what would be engraved on your iPad. The Apple shop for making purchases and engravings is www.Apple.com

How Much Does It Cost To Engrave An iPad?


IPad engraving is done for free. You do not have to pay an additional cost to engrave your iPad when you purchase it on the Apple store online. 

What Can I Engrave On My iPad? – iPad Engraving Ideas


Here is what you have been waiting for. We are going to see more than 150 iPad engraving ideas below. They are grouped according to individuals, occasion, and occurrence. Search for that which best suits your needs and engrave it on your iPad. 

IPad Engraving Ideas For Lovers


  • I belong to You
  • You rock my world.
  • I love you. Always and forever.
  • You are my everything.
  • If loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
  • We’ve come a long way together… let’s go 
  • further 🙂
  • I love you more than my iPad.
  • It’s not a car. But it works in one
  • Love means I get to borrow this whenever I want.
  • My sunshine
  • My lover forever
  • You brighten my world
  • Your smile is as beautiful as the 🌺 flowers. 
  • Let’s do this till the end of time. 
  • You + Me = Meant To Be
  • You are the rhythm that my heart dances to. 
  • I love you. 
  • My sweet ❤️
  • With you, I am at peace. 
  • You are my dream come true.
  • I promise to love ❤️  you forever 
  • Life partner.
  • You came and lightened up my world. 
  • My angel, my lover. 
  • I’m in love with my best friend. 
  • You are my favorite thought. 
  • I’m yours forever
  • I knew it from the start.
  • As you wish.

IPad Engraving Ideas For Dad


  • Thanks for Catching Me When I Fall
  • I Stole Your Best Jokes
  • You Are the Dad Everyone Wishes They Had
  • You Worked Hard So I Could Succeed
  • Thank You for Everything
  • Always Your Little Boy/Girl
  • My Dad, my anchor
  • Thanks for standing up for me
  • You taught me well
  • To the best dad In the world
  • Thank you for your love. 
  • A superhero without a cape
  • My dad, my hero
  • My first role model
  • Thanks for everything, dad.
  • Happy Fathers Day
  • To My Father My Hero

IPad Engraving Ideas For Mom


  • You’re My Inspiration
  • Best Grandma Ever
  • Thank You for Loving Me
  • #momlife
  • I Love You, Mom
  • Mama Bear
  • Forever Your Child
  • Forever In My Heart
  • Thank You for your Strength
  • Dear Mom, I Love You
  • I Couldn’t Do It Without You
  • The Greatest Mother
  • My Mom, My Friend
  • You’re the Rock in the Storm
  • All That I Am I Owe To You
  • I Love You to the Moon and Back
  • Home is Wherever Mom Is
  • Talking to You Makes My Day
  • Best Mom Ever
  • Love You Forever 
  • Best mom in the world
  • My first love
  • Thanks for all the sacrifice
  • All I know is I learned from you
  • Mom with a heart of Gold
  • You are an exceptional mother.
  • Through you, I got the true meaning of a mother. 
  • Happy Mothers Day mom.
  • Mothers Day is a special opportunity to tell you I love you.

iPad Engraving ideas for Friends


  • Friends for life
  • Besties forever
  • Thanks for having my back
  • Cheers to more years of friendship
  • Partners in crime
  • Friend turned family
  • We’ll Always Be Friends, You Know Too Much
  • Thanks for Being the Sane One
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  • Friends for life.
  • Thanks for Laughing at My Jokes
  • Life is Better With You
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • By Our Powers Combined!

iPad Engraving Ideas For Anniversaries


  • Happy Anniversary
  • Let’s do this together one more year and forever. 
  • You are always my choice. 
  • My love for life
  • Till death do us part is sure
  • This Day and Every Day
  • Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
  • To the Greatest Husband/Wife
  • You are My Treasure
  • I Got You, Babe
  • God Gave Me You.
  • Chees to more years of love.
  • Forever is not too long. 
  • My ride or die
  • Thanks for the past years.
  • It’s been God all the way
  • Thanks for being a source of happiness

Inspirational iPad Engraving Ideas


  • Failure to plan is a plan to fail
  • Rule your world
  • Be an agent of change
  • Givers never lack
  • Conquer evil with love.
  • Be a gift to the world
  • Never forget to laugh
  • Only the tough survive
  • Live and let’s live. 
  • Use the opportunity
  • Take action!
  • Hard work pays.
  • Fortune Favors the Bold
  • I Believe In You
  • Warrior
  • All You Need Is Love
  • My Story Isn’t Over Yet
  • Never Surrender!
  • Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
  • Saved By Grace
  • Just Keep Swimming
  • So Do Not Fear For I Am With You
  • One Step at a Time
  • You Must Fail to Succeed

Funny iPad Engraving Ideas


  • For your ears, dummy!
  • Stick these in!
  • Take out the trash
  • Fake Airpods
  • I’m with stupid
  • These are stolen
  • 😷😷😷
  • Kiss my ASS
  • Lick my 😺
  • Don’t steal these
  • For my favorite idiot
  • I’m deaf
  • iPoop
  • Charge me, dummy
  • From Santa Clause
  • From your secret admirer
  • Worst gift idea
  • Shut up and listen!

iPad Engraving Ideas For Birthdays


  • Happy Birthday!
  •  It is your birthday.
  •  You’re getting so old.
  •  For John/Jane, on his/her #th birthday.
  •  105 years young!
  •  You’re still 24 in my heart.
  •  In memoriam to your twenties.
  •  Thanks for existing!
  •  You’re a gift!
  •  Birthday pen.
  •  A very special birthday!
  •  It’s a big life to celebrate!
  •  Have the time of your life
  • Cheers to more life.
  • Wishing you a life full of joy.
  • You will live to fulfill your destiny
  • Enjoy life to the fullest. 
  • You are a king, happy birthday. 
  • Have a blast as you celebrate. 
  • Happy 18th birthday
  • Welcome to adulthood. 
  • Cheers to 21. 
  • Go into the year to do exploit. 

iPad Engraving Ideas For Graduation


  • You did it!
  •  Congratulations!
  •  Class of 2022!
  •  Congratulations, Dr. 
  • Another milestone was achieved. 
  • Well deserved award. 
  • I have always believed in you 
  • We are proud of you 
  •  You’re done with school!
  •  To the best graduate!
  •  To my favorite scholar!
  •  Future world changer
  •  You survived!
  • You made it, congratulations.
  •  Make it count!
  •  To sign the checks
  •  Word magician, PhD
  •  Success awaits
  •  The world is your oyster
  •  Have the time of your life

Is iPad Engraving Permanent?


IPad engraving is done with a laser machine which makes it permanent on the surface of your device. In other words, the engravings cannot be erased.

However, if you are faced with a situation where erasing is needed, the only solution is to contact Apple to get a replacement for that part of the iPad. And this is usually at a cost. 

Is It Good To engrave iPad?


Yes, it is a good idea to engrave your iPad as it makes it unique from others and also a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

Does Engraving an iPad devalue it?


If you intend to resell your iPad, then engraving will surely devalue it. However, for personal use, engraving has no devalue effect. 

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Can I Engrave My iPad in-store?


If you purchase your iPad in-store, there would be no options for engraving. You might however get local merchants to do it at a cost but this is not an official means. And as such the Apple warranty does not cover any damage that may occur in the process. 



This post has been able to give you a variety of iPad engraving ideas for different occasions. What are you waiting for? Choose any one of your choice and get your iPad engraved today.